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There has been some updates to the 2016 Grass Cutting Schedule that was posted.  Check here to see if the changes affect you.

The 2015/16 overall total is not currently up to date, but you can see it here.

Let’s hear it for determination!   Congratulations to Buford and Mr. Moot.  Where most hunters have packed it up for the season, these guys both took a nice doe Saturday evening.



Boudin takes another one!

Boudin's 10pt

Boudin took this buck Sunday morning!  Great Job!

Chad adds to the count!

Chad's 5pt
Chad took this nice 138 lb 5 pt Tuesday evening.  Congrats Chad!


Anna Richard took a Saturday morning.  Don’t have a picture or specifics yet.  I’ll post them when I get them.


Buford took this 118 lb 7 pt, Monday afternoon


Michael Ward 6Pt
Michael Ward got this great looking 6 point!


Braden's Double
Braden Rider got this double on Sunday morning!
100 lb, 5pt and a 132 lb sow!  One shot, two kills!
Great shot Braden!!


Cajun Pine Hunting Club’s Rules and By-Laws have been added to the site.  Check them out under the ‘About’ menu, or here.

As always, if there is anything that you would like to see posted, please send the information to CajunPines@cox.net

Feel free to browse the pictures in the pictures menu.  Please send any pictures that you would like included to CajunPines@cox.net

The web site is constantly changing, so check back often for updates.  If you have any suggestions or ideas  please send them to CajunPines@cox.net.

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